Impeccable finish
In the painting department, the wood grains are highlighted and interpreted in different natural shades: from the brightest to the deepest, in harmony with every style of interior. The automated process ensures the finest quality of the finished product and the salubrity of the working environment.

Enveloping shapes
Like the pages of a book, the thin sheets of selected wood are superimposed and then bent following carefully designed shapes to give life to the light, sinuous but at the same time durable plywood shells


Materials Selection
Beech and oak seasoned for the right time in the open air and stabilized in autoclave, high quality fabrics with a full choice of textures and colors. Accento secures only the finest materials, capable of fully expressing the values of craftsmanship and creativity of its products.

Sartorial realization
Upholstery is an art made of patience and experience. The fabric adds a touch of elegance to the wood, dressing the soft padding as a custom fit dress with hand-sewn stitching.


Important Details
Every sitting, in its apparent simplicity, is actually a complex set of thicknesses, joints, curves that have to fit perfectly. That’s why expert eyes and meticulous controls are needed along all the stages of the work.

Certified qualities
Accento uses wood from controlled growth crops under FSC certification, respecting forestry, ecosystem and local communities. Our products are undergoing extensive internal and external testing at Catas, the leading Italian certifying company in the wood and furniture industry, as required by international standards.